Denis Manturov

Denis Manturov
Minister of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

On behalf of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation let me welcome the participants and organizers of the Second Eurasian Aerospace Congress!

The aircraft industry is one of the most important branches of the national economy, and its development support falls into unquestionable priorities of the Russian Government. The objective of consolidating positions among the leading global civil aircraft producers can be achieved only if we enter the international markets with competitive projects. The currently formed action framework to support aircraft engineering product sales must become a guarantee of the Russian manufacturers’ return to the most massive and capital-intensive market segments. National component industries must also find a niche in the global cooperation chains.

Major export contracts for delivery of Sukhoi Superjet 100 to North America and Europe have shown that we created effective tools, and now we need to boost their application scope. At the same time, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation is in a constant dialog with field and expert communities and regional authorities, forms an industrial environment contributing to the appearance of new productions, development of innovative projects and formation of additional work positions. We have launched mechanisms to support industrial clusters and created conditions for the implementation of special investment contracts.

In our turn, supporting the initiative to conduct the Eurasian Aerospace Congress announced by the Government of Samara Region and the Eurasian Partnership of Aerospace Clusters, we believe it is an efficient tool of strengthening the industrial and scientific cooperation able to contribute to the development of the aircraft industry.

I am convinced that the highly topical program of the Eurasian Aerospace Congress will involve experts from different countries, representatives of the scientific community and leaders of the industrial sector in a discussion, contribute to the development of business contacts and the scientific and technical cooperation and set a starting point for the implementation of promising projects.

I wish a fruitful work, useful contacts and new ideas to all the Congress participants.

Nikolay Merkushkin

Nikolay Merkushkin
Governor of Samara Region

Dear colleagues, friends!

I am heartily welcoming you to the Second Eurasian aerospace congress!

The Samara region, dubbed “the cradle of manned space exploration”, has for many decades been one of the major spaceship development centers, while the city of Samara claims to be the Russian space exploration capital. We are rightfully proud of Yuri Gagarin turning the first page in the history of space exploration with our carrier rocket. Even these days the leading companies in the region are upholding their pioneering positions with the government support in rocket and engine production and continuously improve their industry competitiveness.

Those were our companies – Progress Rocket Space Centre, Kuznetsov JSC, Tyazhmash with an active collaboration from the Samara Korolev National Research University, which played a key part in building Vostochny spaceport and its first ever rocket launch.

So it is no accident that this Congress came to be the biggest and the most significant event about the problems of managing the world’s aerospace industry within the post-Soviet space and Eastern Europe, as well as a major business venue of the International aerospace salon.

The Congress’s primary mission is not only to facilitate discussions among its participants on the sector’s strategic changes, its future and the challenges facing it, but to serve as a place where efforts are joined with the global aerospace community to develop a principally new understanding of the development of space projects and programs.

The real achievement held by this Congress is in the fact that despite a complex political environment the outer space has managed to stay out of politics, remaining the kind of an event which has traditionally enjoyed a keen interest among our foreign partners.

Of special note is the high level of this very Congress meeting, resulting from the work done by its steering committee and the expert council, on the one hand, and an imperative need for change in the industry, necessitated by the current times, on the other hand.

From the bottom of my heart I am wishing productive deliberations to the Congress participants, strong luck in your most daring enterprises and success in everything you do!

Igor Komarov

Igor Komarov
General Director
ROSCOSMOS State Space Corporation

Dear colleagues, hosts, participants and guests of the Second Eurasian Aerospace Congress,

The Eurasian Aerospace Congress has become a good tradition of meetings of the leading experts in development and operation of missile and space systems, Earth artificial satellites, manned orbiting spacecraft and ground-based space infrastructure. By providing business communication opportunities, the Congress facilitates the search for responses to contemporary challenges and routing the aerospace industry development in Century 21.

The sky is only the limit to us. The humankind is getting ready to implementing the new missions to the Moon and the Mars, to intensification and expansion of the far space exploration. It is only by joint global community efforts that the groundbreaking research projects can be implemented. Making aerospace technologies available and efficient here, on the Earth, is an equally important objective.

I have no doubt that the Eurasian Aerospace Congress will give a new momentum to the industry development, align the developers’ standpoints with those of product and service consumers, enrich professionals with new experience and prospective ideas, and will ultimately result in our even stronger cooperation.

I wish every success and new achievements, creative pursuit and actual deliverables to the Congress hosts and participants!

Alexey Lavrov

Alexey Lavrov
Counsel Chairman
Eurasian Partnership of Aerospace Clusters

Dear colleagues,

The aerospace industry ramp-up and constant emergence of new challenges pre-determined the importance of a continued dialogue between the business community and authorities, the expert community and top managers, scientific institutions, developers and manufacturers of aerospace equipment.

To that end, the Eurasian Aerospace Congress sponsors are committed to its promotion as a permanent industry forum: the Congress work is not confined to the conference held in Moscow every other year – the dialogue between the interested parties continues at Eurasian aerospace conferences and other numerous Congress events in Russia and abroad. On these occasions, contemporary management methods and the best managerial practices in the aerospace industry are always on the table. Intense discussions are focused on the achievement of sustainable development of the contemporary aerospace industry, on active collaboration between scientists and the aerospace industry, on efficient management innovation management in the industry and the expansion of global cooperation.

The Eurasian Partnership of Aerospace Clusters traditionally organizes the Congress in collaboration with the Samara Region Government. Modernization of the economy and accelerated shifting of the industry to a new technological paradigm necessitate the active use of innovative development tools nowadays. The schemes implemented in the Samara Region to support the innovative regional aerospace cluster have enabled to create a comfortable environment where new solutions and breakthrough technologies are born. For instance, the Cluster Engineering Center of the Samara Region conducts research, provides services and designs world-class products. Know-how and high-tech services push the industrial flagships leading the cluster ahead.

Recently, the inter-cluster collaboration, particularly built up by the Eurasian Partnership of Aerospace Clusters, has become of special significance. Our Eurasian Aerospace Congress is a good illustration of such collaboration. We are going to discuss a broad range of issues, and I am sure that the fruitful discussion and decisions made will assist our participants in achieving the most ambitious goals.

On behalf of the Eurasian Aerospace Congress organizers, I wish successful work to the Congress participants and guests and expect meeting you at subsequent events of the Congress!